ENVOI designed its billing product with the intention to make billing as easy and simplified as possible.This isn’t rocket science and at ENVOI we aim to never over complicate the process. Whatever you are billing for currently or would like to bill for in the future ENVOI can assist. By adopting our IBill™ product we can service all your billing needs.

Our use of advanced A.I makes billing simple and accurate.

Clearly reflected bills

Resident reminders are issued, clearly stating what the resident is expected to pay and defines which services payment is required for.

Easy payment

ENVOI provides multiple payment options at over 30k payment centers nationally.

One Bill – One Payment

Convergent billing eliminates the possibility of partial payments, only accepting payments in full.

Selected mode of billing notifications you desire; electronic or print

Residents can receive their bill in the manner they prefer, which makes it easier for them to navigate their payments.

Full integration with your chosen property management system

Full integration means that repetitive data input and uploads are eradicated, freeing the leasing agent or property manager to focus on increasing resident satisfaction. Also, this integration eliminates unnecessary office traffic from the property managers work day. ENVOI’S full integration affords data to be input only once and appear in all other systems. Information is collected from the moment of move in, through the monthly convergent billings, until move out. Some property management systems can calculate the final bill when the move out occurs.