We offer a large array of payment options for you to chose from, selecting the right fit for the specific requirements of your portfolio. We can help you offer cash, credit card, paper check, eCheck, phone or mobile payment options to your residents and will support those features with our next level technology managed by our unique A.I operators.

  • Our payment portal makes paying easy for your users.
  • Our clients receive their funds without delay or errors.
  • Residents can utilize our payment portal for all payment transactions within your property.


  • All charges can be paid in one transaction.
  • We can assist you in capturing application fees, monthly recurring charges, and any required deposits.
  • Payments can be collected for any charges that your business bills for.


  • Online payments with credit cards or eChecks.
  • Cash payment collection at more than 30,000 national payment centers.
  • Lock box services with remote capture.


  • Funds clear directly into your account within 2-3 days.
  • Cash, credit, and eCheck all deposit together.
  • Quick launch options.


  • Payment initiation and batch settlement reports.
  • Easy reconciliation.
  • Managed with the unique ENVOI A.I.