Vacant unit cost recovery

Responsibility of utility services is addressed.

Vacant invoice review is conducted to interpret and appropriate costs.

Savings and increase of cash flow can be achieved with this service.

IManage™ is our utility management service. This feature sees all your invoice processing needs completed in an accurate and efficient manner.

IManage™ pays, validates, tracks, analyzes, and monitors our client’s recurring accounts payable invoices.

  • Quality assurance is added to the invoice processing procedure.
  • Our clients see a reduction in late fees.
  • Eliminates duplicate payments and inaccurate invoices.
  • Usage data is collected and filtered for anomalies.
  • Automatic funds transfer payment options.
  • Online detailed expense reports are generated for client to view.
  • Issues are flagged, and discrepancies are addressed.
  • Provides predictability for budget review and ability to forecast accurately.