We offer a fully customized corporate & property template with the following features, such as:

Stunning template for your portfolio

IMarket™ offers our clients modern, trendy, and uniquely stylized marketing options throughout their portfolio

Custom corporate and property template

The IMarket™ service provides stunning corporate and property websites to present your brand in an effective way, capturing the attention of your intended audience.

Unique Design

Our websites are crafted with care and detail to your unique requirements and needs.

Promote property with SEO feature

SEO tools are included in all our websites.

Online editiong tool

Our websites come equipped with online editing tools putting the ability in your hands to edit, style, and update content.

Own Schedule

IMarket™ allows you to change and create on your own schedule with no down time.

Responsive website for all size mobile device

The websites provided through IMarket™ are fully responsive with all mobile devices.

PMS Integration

Complete integration with your property management system of choice is achieved when utilizing the IMarket™ service.

Logo color base template

Our websites include color match options to generate a balanced design pallet.

Page View Controls

Page view controls enables your property manager to select what content and features are being viewed by potential residents.