iMeter™ is the submetering and utility billing distribution service offered by Envoi. With this feature of the Envoi platform you can easily and effectively submeter your property and view the benefits regarding conservation and profit. The iMeter™ service can also assist you in accurately distributing utility billing charges among your residents and tenants with both sub metered and RUBS properties. This enables you to recapture all utility expenses.

iMeter™ enables you to implement conservations steps throughout your property by encouraging responsible usage by residents; allowing the resident to take ownership for their own usage print.

iMeter™ has the potential to increase your property value, generate a positive impact on CAP rate, help you to reduce waste and reflect a swift return on investment.


Envoi supports and assists with existing systems and new installations.

Our advanced A.I oversees the input of all reads, validates for accuracy, and ensures they are saved in an accessible location on the Envoi dashboard.

Envoi gives you the ability to select the specific details you want reflected in your reports — to present you with accurate usage trends and conservation at your property.