ENVOI offers a suite of products and services to fit your requirements & that of your users.

The increase of tech savvy consumers has driven Municipalities to recognize the need for online payment options to see their bills paid in a timely fashion. Online, mobile, phone, recurring, and in-person cash payments are options that users demand to keep up with their fast paced lives.

At ENVOI we recognize that municipalities have limited resources available to upgrade their own infrastructure in order to implement these options and many more. That is where ENVOI can assist. Whatever the collection needs of your municipality are: utility bill, tax assessment, fishing license, or library fine.

  • Easy Bill Management

    Whatever you are billing for currently or would like to bill for in the future ENVOI can assist. By adopting our IBill™ product we can service all your billing needs.

  • Verification & Screening Services

    By utilizing our screening services through TransUnion our clients are taking steps to secure the quality and longevity of their residents, generating dependable profit potential.

  • Business Portals

    Your user will have complete access to the ENVOI resident portal to make payments, submit maintenance requests, receive parcel notifications, and engage in community messaging.

  • Property & Corporate Templates

    The IMarket™ service provides stunning corporate and property websites to present your brand in an effective way, capturing the attention of your intended audience.

  • Payment Collection

    We can help you offer cash, credit card, paper check, e-check, phone or mobile payment options to your residents and will support those features with our next level technology managed by our unique A.I operators.

  • Marketing Services

    IMarket™ offers our clients modern, trendy, and uniquely stylized marketing options throughout their portfolio.

  • PMS Integration

    Complete integration with your property management system of choice is achieved when utilizing the ENVOI suite of services.