IProspect™ is the advanced Prospect Portal & lead to lease services offered by Envoi.

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Lead to lease with

  • Real time unit availability and pricing.
  • Screening and verifications.
  • Costs and time management improved.
  • Convenient process.
  • Meeting the expectations of tech savvy renters.
  • Online applications.
  • Deposit collection.
  • Floor plan tours.
  • Guest card capture.
  • Electronic signature with e-mail delivery.
  • Document storage.

Envoi’s prospect service enables potential residents to view current unit availability and pricing at your property, after selecting the best space for their needs your prospective residents can complete an online application through our prospect portal.

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The online application information is transferred directly to your chosen Property Management Software. The collected data can then be guided to our credit/background verification service (TransUnion) —through the pathways of our prospect portal.

After setting up your requirements with TransUnion you will receive a notification identifying the prospects eligibility to rent within your property, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether to activate or decline the lease request.


By utilizing our screening services through TransUnion our clients are taking steps to secure the quality and longevity of their residents, generating dependable profit potential. 

With the core goals of our clients being low turnover and high retention rates, our verification service provides the appropriate steps to secure that outcome. We are also able to assist you with deposit collection at this stage.

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Involvement in our prospect services will equip you with the capabilities to capture future residents leasing information online. Provide online leasing, applications, verifications, deposit collection, and e-signature.

This service meets the technology expectations of the current generation of renters.