Envoi is heralding a revolution in the multifamily residential industry by offering an entire platform operated and managed by Artificial Intelligence. This advanced level of technology is changing the shape of the industry. By engaging with Envoi your current procedures and processes can be reinvented to benefit the user. Not only is Envoi’s unique system run by A.I but it will also self-repair and attend to any issues or anomalies it uncovers in its daily functions — Does your current provider offer that?

Jason Leary

Sarasota based Envoi, Inc.
adds new partner Jason Leary as Chief Revenue Officer

(Sarasota, FL– Jan. 6, 2021) – Sarasota based artificial intelligence company, Envoi, Inc.,
known in the housing industry for enterprise systems and platform as a solution technologies...

I’m Iris

Meet Our A. I. Duo

Envoi is a leading progressive technology company that provides a suite of products and services that are rooted in Artificial Intelligence.

Envoi has developed a platform from which all our services launch from, under the watchful eye of Iris our A.I team leader and her assistant Otto. Otto is Iris’s A.I counterpart that deals with data collection and storage element of the system.

I’m Otto

Envoi provides our users with exceptional products and services, offering features that anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.
Through strategic use of artificial intelligence, automation, and continuous process improvement, we ensure that we ask the very least of our users while providing the most support. By adopting this approach, Envoi's customers are able to change their focus away from mundane tasks and oversight, toward interactions infused with meaningful experiences.
We enable access to our advanced level of technology in every touch-point of user engagement, creating processes and options that allow our offerings to conform to your needs, rather than requiring you to remain limited by technological capabilities.